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Question What ways can I connect a TV to the Internet? (Posted by: Anonymous )

Matthew Answered by: Matthew, an
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Many products can connect a TV to the Internet currently, but with some limitations. Connecting to the Internet does not mean it functions like your computer, but more like the Apps on an IPhone or Smartphone.

There are a variety of ways to connect a TV to the Internet. Many TVs currently come with the ability to connect to the Internet in a limited fashion. Additionally you can use a Blu Ray player to connect a TV to the Internet, Many gaming systems can connect a TV to the Internet, and products like Apple TV or a ROKU box can accomplish this as well.

If you have or purchase an "Internet Ready TV," then what you have is a TV with the ability to connect to the Internet either wirelessly or through a hard wire to a router. Connecting directly to the router provides the best connection and download speed, eliminating much of the buffering that happens when you watch HD movies or shows. In this scenario you would run an ethernet cable directly from the back of the TV to your router.

The other option is to connect wirelessly. This is done by purchasing a wireless adapter referred to in the industry as a dongle... yes they will know what you are talking about. This dongle plugs into the USB slot on the TV and allows wireless connection. Dongles cost about $80 and are manufacturer specific.

Blu Ray players have many of the same features as the Internet Ready TVs, but also have some advantages. Almost all Blu Ray players at this point have the ability to connect to the Internet and pass this signal along to the TV, but many of them have the wireless function built in, eliminating the need for the wireless dongle. The obvious advantage is no longer needing to buy an $80 part. By purchasing a Blu Ray player to connect to the Internet versus the TV you also remove any limits you might have on TV choice, as Internet connectable TV's are less common, especially in sizes 40" and smaller.

Blu Ray players also have the obvious advantage of being Blu Ray players, meaning that with most HDTV's now your salesperson will recommend a Blu Ray player anyway, so kill two birds with one stone. As for the folks who are trying to add Internet to an analog TV, this is fine as well. Blu Ray players will still output analog signal, you just lose the benefit of better picture quality. As a last note Blu Ray players, many people are hesitant because they have large collections of standard DVD's, which is fine. Blu Ray platers play regular DVD's as well as CDs, so you don't have to replace your collection to add one.

Apple TV can be a good solution because it adds the Internet function as well as access to ITunes so you can steam music as well, but be warned it is limited on outputs. Meaning it only outputs HDMI, so it is not compatible with older TVs and it also only outputs audio in the for of an optical cable. So if you have only have the basic yellow, red, and white connections it will not work as an option for you. The ROKU box is only designed to stream Internet content to a TV, and offers only that.

There is also a product called Google TV, which is available in 3 forms. Built into a Sony TV, built into a Sony Blu Ray player, and the Revue by Logitech. Google TV offers a much wider range of Internet options, but there are some limits. It is best to go to a retailer for a demo of this product.

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I guess if you have a really old tv, like one with the RCA connections, you're out of luck if you don't buy a device with said connectors5t343o By Anonymous on 14-06-12 at 11:29am
If you have a choice to connect your internet tv to the internet, would you be better off doing it wirelessly, or if 35ft of ethernet wire would get you from your tv to your cisco router, would you get better pic that way? By gary b on 18-01-13 at 01:47pm
In recreational Vehicle world a lot of camp grounds have WIFI so you could your connect blu ray player with internet so you could play Netflix. By Anonymous on 19-02-13 at 12:59pm
I used a laptop that i connected to the network set it to run with the top closed connected it to my TV by video cable and added a wireless keyboard and mouse By Wds on 13-03-13 at 03:03am
Is the sony internet tv compatible with the roku 3? Once I connected the roku 3 I cannot seem to move to another input. We got the roku box to watch time warner cable but now we cannot switch back to basic cable for local channels. Can anyone help? Neither Sony nor Roku support seem to know. By Anonymous on 16-05-13 at 12:02pm
ive tried connecting my TV to the internet using the ethernet cable wire to the router. but the problem, when Ive check the connection test, it reveals that there is a problem with the server connection. By Anonymous on 24-06-13 at 09:31pm
dvr internet port to router would connect internet to tv By Anonymous on 06-07-13 at 05:24pm
Matthew: excellent answer and I understood almost every word. By Lamb on 14-11-13 at 11:22am
Matthew, that is a very helpful answer! Thanks! By Tony on 20-01-14 at 03:36pm
There needs to be clarity to explain options to be able to stream video or music from computer, vs. the ability to watch pre-set internet sites like Netflix or You tube, but also most importantly, option to stream what is on your computer onto the TV so that users can watch video from a specific site that is not a Hulu or netflix or you tube. This is the one item that is the hardest to find clarity on. Even on the official hardware sites. By Anonymous on 15-03-14 at 01:01pm
.can I connect bluuray player to router directly with wire and receive Netflix and what type of connections do I require?Thanks.James. By James20122 on 15-11-14 at 09:16am
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